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What are my responsibilities if I live on a fire access road?

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If you live on a flag lot or your house is some distance from the nearest street, then most probably you live on an established fire apparatus access road. The Lewiston Fire Department asks that you check the current condition of your fire apparatus access road. 

o Are any vehicles including campers and/or ATV’s parked in the required width/depth of the fire apparatus access road? Fire apparatus access roads must not be obstructed in any manner, including the parking of vehicles and maintained clear to a height of 13’ 6”. The minimum widths and clearances must be maintained at all times. 

o Is there an address sign at the street? Approved address signs must be provided for fire apparatus access roads to identify such roads or prohibit the obstruction thereof. Signs must be maintained in a clean and legible condition at all times and replaced or repaired when necessary to provide adequate visibility. Remember, you also need at least a 4 inch high address attached to your house that contrasts the color of your house. 

o Is there sufficient base and gravel to provide all weather access? The fire apparatus access road surface must be constructed and maintained to City of Lewiston Public Works Standard. 

o Is the fire apparatus access road longer than 150 feet? Dead-end fire apparatus access roads in excess of 150 feet in length must be provided with an approved area for turning around fire apparatus. This area must also be maintained in an unobstructed manner at all times. 

These items are Fire Code requirements. The Fire Department will notify homeowners when problems are observed, however, that observation may occur only when a fire engine or ambulance cannot make access during an emergency. Unfortunately, this is how many problems are found. Please take a moment to check the condition of your fire apparatus access road. Attention to these items will ensure the quickest, most efficient response by the Lewiston Fire Department. You don’t want us delayed when seconds may make the difference.

Updated 2/7/2017 10:16 AM
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