Disability Advisory Commission

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Powers and Duties of the Disability Advisory Commission:

  1. Advise and make recommendations to the city council and city staff on matters related to Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Title II of the ADA specifically relates to city of Lewiston programs, activities, and services.
  2. Become familiar with Title II of the ADA and the status of existing city of Lewiston programs, services, and facilities related to the ADA.
  3. Consider concerns and/or issues brought before the disability advisory commission by citizens related to accessibility in the city or the ADA, as related to the city of Lewiston.
  4. Seek opportunities to discuss accessibility issues with citizens and become familiar with citizens’ opinions on accessibility issues.
  5. Direct ADA complaints to the appropriate city of Lewiston staff.
  6. Develop relationships with organizations that serve individuals with disabilities, as defined by the ADA.
  7. Assist and actively engage in educational efforts and outreach activities related to Title II of the ADA that are led by the city of Lewiston or its partners.
  8. Develop a work plan that consists of goals and objectives for the disability advisory commission on an annual basis.