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My cat is up a tree. Can you come get it down?
Generally, no. While we do understand that being separated from a family companion is upsetting, most cats who climb up into a tree generally find their way down on their own and in a healthy condition. Many cats that climb into the safety of trees do so because they are frightened. These frightened animals generally will not allow unfamiliar firefighters to pluck them out of the tree. If you have a unique animal rescue situation, please contact Lewiston’s non-emergency dispatch line at 208-746-0171 and they will help you determine if the fire department or another resource can help reunite you with your family companion.

Fire Department

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1. Is outdoor burning permitted?
2. Why does a fire engine respond with an ambulance to a medical call?
3. Why do I see fire trucks parked at the grocery store?
4. My cat is up a tree. Can you come get it down?
5. What does it cost for an ambulance to come to my home?
6. How do I sign up for a CPR class?
7. I have a child who likes to play with fire. What can I do?
8. Where can I go to have my fire extinguisher serviced?
9. Who do I contact to donate a house for fire training?
10. What is the City’s ISO rating for fire protection?
11. When I’m driving down the road and hear or see an emergency vehicle with its lights and sirens on, what is the best thing to do?
12. When can I burn trash or yard debris?
13. I would like to arrange a class visit to a fire station. How do I schedule that?
14. My neighbor’s weeds are very overgrown and I’m afraid they have become a fire hazard. Will you check this out?
15. Why do I see firefighters running at the track or exercising in some other way while on-duty?
16. What is the firefighter's work schedule like?
17. What do firefighters do when they are not responding to emergency calls?