Board & Commission Guidelines

Board & Commission Guidelines

General Guidelines

All meetings of advisory boards and commissions are open to the general public and written notice is provided to the members and the press. Each commission elects a Chairperson to preside at all meetings. All boards and commissions must comply with the provisions of the Idaho Open Meeting Law, Chapter 23, Title 67 of the Idaho Code.

Terms and Appointments 
The terms of the members of advisory boards and commissions shall be for three years, except for the Planning and Zoning Commission and Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board whose members serve for four-year terms, the Library Board of Trustees whose members serve for five-year terms and the Youth Advisory Commission, whose members serve for two years. Unless otherwise provided by City resolution, all members shall be appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Council. A subcommittee, appointed by the Mayor, shall review shall review applications and may interview applicants if desired. After review of the applications and/or interviews, the subcommittee makes recommendations to the Mayor for appointments to fill vacancies.

Unless otherwise provided, residency within the City of Lewiston is not a requirement for eligibility for membership on an advisory board or commission of the City.

Chairperson and Rules of Conduct
Each Board/Commission elects a chairperson to preside at all meetings. Each advisory commission may, subject to the review of the City Council, adopt rules of conduct. Meeting times and locations are at the discretion of each advisory board or commission. Special meetings may be called as necessary

The City Code provides that any member who is absent from three (3) consecutive meetings or seven (7) of the last twelve (12) meetings may lose their membership.

Members serve without compensation, but may be reimbursed actual expenses upon prior approval by the City Manager.

Council Liaisons
The City Council designates one of its own to serve as a Council Liaison. They attend the meetings and participate, but do not vote. They frequently provide verbal reports to the Council on the work of the commission.

Staff Liaison 
The City Manager may appoint a member of his or her management staff to serve as the staff liaison. They attend the meetings and participate, but do not vote. They are responsible for preparing the agendas for the meeting, having meeting minutes prepared, and transmitting written recommendations to the City Council

Focus of Mission 
1) Board and Commission members will conduct their business with civility and respect for participants in order to promote an open and honest exchange of information.

2) Advisory Board and Commission members will center their discussions and recommendations around the responsibilities of the Board or Commission and as outlined in the Advisory Board and Commission Handbook most generally related to policy, programming and planning for submittal as recommendations to the Lewiston City Council.

3) Advisory Board and Commission members will not become involved in administrative issues.