Home Occupation

Home Occupation

A home occupation is a business carried on in the home with no more than one employee other than members of the family. The purpose of restrictions on home occupation is to preserve the right of neighboring residents to enjoy a peaceful occupancy of their homes. The occupation must be incidental to the residential use and no more than 25 percent of the home square footage. No exterior display larger than 1.5 sq. ft. by the business is allowed or any use which will disturb the neighborhood. Off-street parking must be provided and delivery of materials by commercial vehicles is prohibited.

Please note: In some instances, a Conditional Use Permit will be required in addition to a business license. City staff will be able to help you determine if a Conditional Use Permit is necessary. If a Conditional Use Permit is necessary, than an additional 8 weeks is required to process the license application.

How to Apply

To apply for a Home Occupation License, complete and return the following documents:

City Code

For more information on Home Occupations, see Lewiston City Code Chapter 37, Article VI. Home Occupations.