Alcohol Beverage

Alcohol Beverage

An alcohol beverage license is required when any person is:

  • selling or dispensing liquor;
  • selling or dispensing beer or wine by the drink;
  • selling or dispensing beer or wine by retail.

All alcohol license applications must have copies of the State of Idaho Liquor License and Nez Perce County Liquor License attached. Alcohol licenses must be renewed annually on or before January 31st each year.

How to Apply

To apply for an Alcohol Beverage License, complete and return the following documents:

City Code

For more information on Alcohol beverage licenses, see Lewiston City Code Chapter 6 Alcoholic Beverages.

State and County Alcohol Licenses

For information on a State alcoholic beverage license, contact the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement, Alcohol Beverage Control Office Toll free (888) 222-1360 or (208) 884-7060.

For information on a County alcoholic beverage license, contact the Nez Perce County Auditor's Office at the County Courthouse, 1230 Main Street, Lewiston or by phone (208) 799-3020.

Please note: You may apply for an alcohol beverage license during the interim of receiving your state and county licenses, but a license will not be issued until copies of the state and county licenses are provided.