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Contact Us

215 D Street, Suite B
PO Box 617
Lewiston, ID 83501

(208) 746-1316

(888) 397-8634


Mon-Thurs 8 am to 5 pm; Fri 8 am to 4 pm
Call the main Public Works Department number 208-746-1316 if you need immediate assistance. If no answer, leave a message and your call will be returned quickly. If you know the party you need to reach, direct dial numbers are shown below by Division. However, be prepared to leave a message as they may be assisting another customer.

Name Title Email Phone
Davies, PE, Chris Public Works Director Email 208-791-0302
Hagemann, Sandi Administration Manager Email 208-790-8805
Tolman, Jill Public Works Specialist Email 208-790-8803
Schwartz, Morgan Public Works Administrative Assistant Email 208-746-1316
Hood, Sheri Public Works Specialist Email 208-553-2662

Engineering Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Stubbers, PE, Shawn City Engineer Email 208-790-8812
Bailey, PE, Alannah Engineering Project Supervisor: Water & Transp Email 208-790-8809
Dugger, CPII, Kris Construction Coordinator Email 208-791-8453
Stewart, Bruce Engineering Technician-Capital Email 208-790-8801
Kaufman, PE, Joe Engineering Project Supervisor: Wastewtr/Stormwtr Email 208-790-8800
Heidorn, Iris Engineering Technician-Development Review Email 208-790-8802
George, Ed Construction Coordinator Email 208-791-8456
Paulson, Della Engineering Technician-GIS Email 208-791-8982
Weigand, PLS, Mark City Surveyor Email 208-790-8810
Severance, PE, Pat Development Supervisor Email 208-553-6809
Haug, Kaydie Engineering Technician-Capital Email 208-790-8807
VanderPas, Angela GIS Supervisor Email 208-791-9730
Krasselt, Nick Engineering Technician-Survey Email 208-791-2654


Solid Waste Division

Name Title Email Phone
Brown, Rob Transfer Station Supervisor Email 208-746-0389

Water & Wastewater Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Lacy, Bryan Water Division Manager Email 208-746-1316
Ellison, Brian Wastewater Division Manager Email 208-746-1316
Gehrke, Sue Pretreatment Assistant Email 208-750-1195
Ruiz, Art Pretreatment Supervisor Email 208-750-1195
Smith, Nate Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor Email 208-792-7388
Ingram, Bill Water Plant Supervisor Email 208-743-7461
Ruark, Jon Water Distribution Supervisor Email 208-791-2032

Street Maintenance Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Bingman, Keith Street Maintenance Manager Email 208-746-1316
Hargett, Jon Street Maintenance Foreman Email 208-746-1316
Elliot, Cameron Traffic Maintenance Foreman Email 208-746-1316