Right-of-Way Work Permits

Right-of-Way Work Permits

Right-of-Way Permits to Work in the Public Right-of-Way

Procedure for Obtaining Permission to Work in Rights-Of-Way
Except for emergencies (see City Code Section 31-5 (5)), all persons performing work within the right-of-way shall obtain approval to partially or completely restrict any City street, sidewalk, or alley. Such restrictions include partial or full lane closures, parking restrictions, sidewalk closures, detours, complete street closures, shoulder work, and pedestrian rerouting, as well as digging up, break, excavate, obstruct, tunnel, undermine, or disturb any street or other public property, place any obstruction thereon or fill in, place, leave, or deposit upon the same any earth, rubbish, garbage, rock or other material that may obstruct, disturb or interfere with the free use of building materials or equipment on city streets, sidewalks, or alleys.

Persons performing any work which results in such restrictions shall notify the Engineering Division in the Public Works Department at ((208) 746-1316), at 215 D St.  If the work to be performed involves the issuance of a right-of-way permit, please request a permit by calling Public Works at (208) 746-1316. Engineering personnel will be responsible for routing the permit to all affected City departments.The intent of this notification process is to provide for emergency response access, avoiding the conflict of two or more agencies from performing work in the same place at the same time or in conflict of special events, and to monitor and assist construction and maintenance activities on the street right-of-way which impacts vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian movement.

An agency/contractor applying for a street use permit shall first submit and receive approval of a traffic control plan prior to commencement of the work. Traffic control plans may take up to 10 working days for the Engineer to review. Traffic control plans will be required when:a) the project will involve a complete arterial street closure or a detour; orb) other special circumstances exist as determined by the City Traffic Engineer.Advance notice to Engineering shall be made before any work will be allowed in the right-of-way as indicated below:

24 hours for:   1) Performing work within the right-of-way
2) Partial closure of any arterial street
3) Complete closure of any local access street, alley or sidewalks.
48 hours for:   1) Parking Restrictions
72 hours for:   1) Complete closure of any arterial street

The contractor shall notify Lewiston Transit in advance of any construction that may disrupt transit service. Contact the Transit Division in the Community Development Department at 208-298-1343