Residential Single Stream Recycling, Garbage and Yard Waste Services

Residential Single Stream Recycling, Garbage and Yard Waste Services

Curbside Collection

Get the details on curbside collection services including self-haul by clicking on curbside collection below.  Residential customers may choose between a 32-, 64-, or 96-gallon mobile cart for curbside garbage collection.

Single Stream Recycling Services

Find out more about single stream recycling services including service maps and guidelines for acceptable materials by clicking on the links below.

Remember all codes of plastic, numbers 1-7, are now accepted for recycling.  Thank you for recycling!

Yard Waste Services

Residential customers may place out for collection unlimited volumes of acceptable yard waste materials.  Get all the details related to disposing of yard waste such as general guidelines and schedules for collection below.

  • Yard Waste Collection  - For more information and disposal options, please contact the Lewiston Public Works Department at 746-1316, or Clearwater Composting at 208-413-6020. The City contracted compost facility and City transfer station are open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. REMINDER – ALL VEHICLES TRANSPORTING YARD WASTE SHALL BE COVERED TO PREVENT LITTERING. UNSECURED LOADS ARE ILLEGAL. 
  • Self-Haul Guidelines
  • New Yard Waste Cart Service