Traffic Signs / Street Lights

Traffic Signs / Street Lights


The City's 7,761 traffic signs are tracked on a computerized database and include stop, speed limits, warning, street names, and various others. Traffic Services is responsible for keeping sight obstructions trimmed back from traffic signage.

To request a new sign, contact Engineering at (208) 746-1316.


There are 2,400 street lights in the City. 2,000 are owned and maintained by Avista Utilities. The other 400 are owned and maintained by the City. 

In 1985, the Mercury Vapor type street lights were all replaced with a more energy efficient High Pressure Sodium street light. 

You can request a new street light by contact Engineering at (208) 746-1316.

Need to report a street light that is out?

You can report a street light that is burnt out by calling Avista at 798-1472.