Sewer Jet Cleaning Schedule

Sewer Jet Cleaning Schedule

What is Jet Cleaning?

The City of Lewiston Wastewater Division maintains the wastewater infrastructure in the city. This includes all City-owned sewer collection pipelines, sewer manholes, and the Wastewater Treatment Plant and contracted maintenance for wastewater collection in the Lewiston Orchards Sewer District. One of the major functions for wastewater maintenance is jet cleaning the sewer lines. The Wastewater Maintenance and Collection staff systematically work through the city cleaning the lines on an annual basis. The wastewater pipeline system is broken into mapped (linked below) sewer basins and crews systematically work through a basin area. Cleaning helps reduce potential problems before they occur and keeps the system flowing smoothly.

The crew uses a jet truck that carries water to spray out a high pressure hose into the sewer line. The high pressure water scours the interior of the pipe flushing out residue build up and causing it all to flow down the line to the treatment plant. Sometimes a high powered vacuum is also used to suction out debris or a rod truck to break up roots that have made their way into the pipe line. The crew also uses a white van that we call the TV truck, which houses video equipment. The equipment allows the crew to place a video camera in the sewer line to investigate line conditions and areas of concern.

Where is the Wastewater work crew this week?


This week jetting will be taking place from 15th Ave to 8th Ave from 17th Street to 11th Street.