The City Of Lewiston

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Idaho's Only Seaport
Personnel Policy
The City of Lewiston's Personnel Policy shall govern all employees except:

  • When in conflict with the specific terms of a Collective Labor Agreement


             City of Lewiston Personnel Policy

Administrative Policies
The update of the Personnel Policy has resulted in the elimination of many of the old Administrative Policies.  However, there are some policies that are updated routinely because of finance, technology or grant requirements.  The policies listed below are current active Administrative Policies and apply to all City employees.

    1994-01        Family & Medical Leave Act 
    1999-01        Correctional Work Crew Program
    1999-02        Winter Storm Event Response (Under revision)
    2001-04        Sick Leave Incentive Program (Under revision)
    Res 02-39     Records Retention Policy (Update in progress)
    2005-02        Anti-Harassment Policy
    2005-07        Internet, Email Acceptable Use Policy (Under revision)
    2007-01        Cell Phone Usage Policy
    2011-02        Industrial Injury/Worker's Compensation Procedure
                                        Note*  Accident Report Forms are on the FORMS page
    2013-01        Sick Leave on Separation
    2013-02        Firearms in the Workplace
    2013-03        Charitable Solicitations
    2013-04        Sick Leave Donations Policy                                    
    2013-05        Drug & Alcohol Substance Abuse & Testing
    2015-01        Employee Introductory Period
    2015-02        Credit Cards
    2015-03        Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)
    2015-04        Social Media Policy
    2015-05        Use of Cell Phones While Driving
    2015-06        Use of Tobacco Products
    2015-07        Unauthorized Audio/Video Recording or Monitoring
    2015-08        Disciplinary Probation
    2015-09        Travel Policy