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Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 1: Tools to start and build your business success!
Welcome to the new launch of our Community Development Newsletter, focused on the business sector.  This issue will introduce you to the Community Development team, provide an overview on the Development Review Meetings plus guidance on Business Licensing and Permits.  We will issue the newsletter once a quarter to inform our business community of any changes or impacts that may effect the way we do business.  If you would like to provide content or share information relevant to our local businesses, please email   

To view the newsletter click here: Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1

New Lewiston Library - Project Update

The project is underway and several public meetings were run in August to gain public input, to define and refine library requirements for current, and anticipated future programs.  The project then moves into design development phase starting September through to October. 

Project Schedule:

Programming                                                August - September
Design Development                                      September - October
Update meeting with Community Dev,Fire        October
Construction Documents                                November - January
Plans complete, submitted to city, IDC            January (2012)
Approvals from City, IDC complete                  March
Project Bids                                                  April
Contracts completed, Notice to Proceed          May
Construction commences                               June
Construction completes, Winter (2012)
Move-in Occupancy, Spring (2013)

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If you would like to know more information please email:

First and Fifth Street Upgrades
In April the Urban Renewal Agency hired an engineering firm to meet with stakeholders and develop conceptual plans for the reconstruction of First and Fifth Streets in downtown Lewiston. Conceptual plans and engineering recommendations were presented by TD&H Engineering to the Urban Renewal Agency at a public meeting held June 14. These concepts include functional additions such as curbs, gutters, sidewalks and accessible pedestrian ramps as well as beautification with the addition of street trees, pedestrian amenities, possibly some public art and gateway enhancements.

Since the last meeting the Urban Renewal Agency has solicited engineering services for final design and construction administration services and once an engineer is selected, the design phase will begin.  Engineering design is expected to occur between now and early 2012, after which the construction contract will go out to bid.  We estimate construction will begin next Spring and that the project will finish by the end of 2012.

Click here to view the drawings from TD & H:First & Fifth Street Drawings

August 25, 2011

TD & H Engineering of Lewiston was selected following presentations to the Urban Renewal Agency to develop a scope of work and cost estimate for 1st and 5th street upgrades.  This project is set to replace water, sewer and stormwater lines along the downtown corridors and include proposals of adding street trees, stone crosswalks and other artistic elements.

First Territorial Capitol of Idaho Revitalization Project
Mission Statement:  First Territorial Capitol of Idaho Revitalization Project, Inc. seeks to create a physical legacy of the history of the first Territorial Capital and provide historical, educational and economical impact and benefits for our Community, our Country, and our State.

Project Update:  Fund raising started in April 2011 and will continue to end of December 2011.  $100,000 approximately is the target for phase I to cover the initial build including permits, parking and land acquisition.

Fund Raising:  Fund raising efforts for donations have brought in some $21,000 approximately plus $2,000 firm pledges.  $20,000 is being sought via grant applications with approximately $32,000 being requested from the Urban Renewal Agency as financial support for sidewalks, curbs and gutters; purchase of the land to increase parking downtown.

If you would like to fin out more information or contribute to this project, please contact: John Mock (208) 790 0999. Website: First Territorial Capitol of Idaho Revitalization Project, Inc. 

Benefits to our Community:  The benefits of having a replica of the First Territorial Capitol of Idaho in a location as close to its original locations, provides residents and visitors a "hand on" view of the area and its historical background, while providing education and an excellent visitor destination.  Having the replica of the First Territorial Capitol of Idaho close to the new library and LCSC Center for Arts and History brings a central location as a focal point for all to enjoy!

Lewiston Tribune - Saturday February 26, 2011
Lewiston ropes magazine honor
American Cowboy names city one of best places to live - Lewiston continues to corral accolades in national and regional magazines, the latest being American Cowboy, which ranked the town one of the best places to live in the West.

Lewiston landed among the top 20 towns in the April/May edition of the magazine. The publication chose four towns each from five regions - Texas and the Plains states, California and Nevada, the Rockies, the Southwest and Northwest. Lewiston was listed as one of the best cowboy towns in the Northwest along with Pocatello, Kennewick and Baker City, Ore.

Lewiston scored points for its proximity to Hells Canyon, the diverse outdoor recreational opportunities available, its place in Lewis and Clark history and its rodeo.

To read the full article visit the Lewiston Tribune's website at:

Best Old House Neighborhoods 2011: The West & Northwest
This old house.jpg
Lewiston's Normal Hill was honored by This Old House magazine as one of the best neighborhoods to live in.  To read full article click this link: