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Bryden Avenue Corridor Study
Project Complete

This project is complete and the final report is available!  (Please allow a few minutes to download depending on your computer and connection.)

Bryden Avenue Corridor Final Report

General Description
The city has been experiencing increased demand along the Bryden Avenue Corridor for many years.  Continued development along the corridor has resulted in the construction of intermittent frontage improvements and right-of-way dedication.  These improvements and dedications are intended to be sufficient for the future build-out of Bryden Avenue, but without a corridor plan, they may not meet the city's future needs.

This study will merge the many resources the City has available to create a comprehensive plan for Bryden Avenue from 4th Street to Thain Road.  The major objective is to develop a comprehensive plan for the Bryden Avenue corridor that can be utilized by City staff to implement required frontage improvements, obtain necessary right-of-way, and guide future City projects.  Public involvement is important and needed to development a thorough study.  This will be accomplished by the formation of a group of stakeholders and holding a public meeting.  The stakeholders group will be comprised of business and property owners along the corridor, local interest groups, commissions, organizations, and government.  The intent of the stakeholders group is to identify improvement needs and measures that cannot always be gained by from engineering tasks such as traffic forecasting and operations analysis.    

A comprehensive plan for Bryden Avenue from 4th Street to Thain Road will be developed.  This plan will evaluate the existing traffic volumes and collision histories, forecast future traffic conditions and recommend improvements, assess pedestrian and transits needs, and include a recommendation for final cross sections, right-of-way, storm drainage, cost estimates, and potential funding sources.  This final planning document will be complete such that with the addition of topographic mapping, the City may use the plan to develop a preliminary design plan set.  

Project Funding

Total to expenses to date thru 9/30/2011:    $92,900
Funded by:  MPO  $50,000
                    Prop Tax $42,900   

No other funds are budgeted for this project at this time.  

Public Involvement

Public involvement and participation are important components of this project.  Your comments and concerns are important!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments.  You can call, email, or stop by.  We want to hear what you have to say!


Project Manager
Alannah Bailey, PE
Assistant Engineer

215 D Street
P O Box 617
Lewiston, ID  83501
Public Works Department

Informational Links

Map of Project Area

Public Meeting:
Public Meeting Project Brochure 10-25-11

Alternatives & Cross Sections (maps)
Cross Sections
Alt 1A Modified 4 Lane
Alt 1 Std 4 Lane
Alt 2 Std 5 Lane
Alt 2 Modified 5 Lane
80' ROW Aerial
90' ROW Aerial

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