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Thain/Powers/14th St. Intersection Imprvs.
Project update February 24, 2014:
A final archeological and historical survey report, prepared by TD&H Engineering, was submitted to the City in December 2013.  Work will continue to develop the final plans and specifications. 

January 2012 Public Information Meeting Information
The public meeting was held Tuesday, Jan. 31.  It was a great meeting with good community participation.  Thank you to all who attended! Meeting
Information Presentation

The information listed below was provided at the meeting.   

Roundabout General Information
Video:  How to Drive a Roundabout (need Windows Media Player)
Alternate 1:  Do Nothing
Alternate 2:  Two-Way Stop Control
Alternate 3:  Traffic Signal
Alternate 4:  Roundabout
Survey Results and Comments

General Description
The intersection of Thain Rd/14th St/Powers Ave is located in the southeast part of the city on one of the primary north/south routes.  The five-legged geometry of the intersection is unusual and it actually functions as two separate, but closely spaced intersections. 

In 2005, an engineering consultant provided a preliminary analysis of the functioning of the intersection.  This work reviewed several alternatives that included leave it as is, realign and install a two-way stop, add signalized control, or construct a roundabout, all requiring additional right-of-way.  Property became available to the north of the intersection and, in 2010, City Council approved purchase of the property.  Private development of property to the west of the intersection required coordination between the developer and the future needs of an intersection improvement.  The City and the developer negotiated a right-of-way dedication / land swap / frontage improvement partnership to provide for the development and future needs of the intersection improvements.  City Council approved this dedication in January 2012. 

In 2011, a consultant provided technical analysis and conceptual design.  The project is currently in a preliminary design to final design stage.  However, there is still much work to do.  Once alternatives are developed and analyzed for the intersection area, this information will be presented in a public meeting format to gather input from the neighborhood and all citizens who share an interest in improving this intersection.

Construction of this project currently does not have a funding source.  However, by completing the engineering and preparing it to be a shovel ready project, it can compete for federal grant funds.

Public involvement and participation is an important component of this project and are listed below.  Your comments and concerns are important!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments.  You can call, email, or stop by.  We want to hear what you have to say!

Project Timeframe

  • Environmental Evaluation December 2011
  • Preliminary Design April 2012
  • Final Design Spring/Summer 2013 
  • Bidding Schedule to be Determined
  • Construction Possible 2015 (federal funding pending)

Public Involvement 
  • Public Meeting Jan. 31, 2012
  • One-on-One Meetings with Stakeholders and Property Owners as needed or requested 
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Project Manager
Alannah Bailey, PE
Asst. Engineer

215 D Street
P O Box 617
Lewiston, ID  83501
Public Works Department

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