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Normal Hill Special Planning Area (NHSPA)
The Planning and Zoning Commission has been working on rezoning for Normal Hill, outside the area recently rezoned around Lewis-Clark State College and St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center The purpose of this project is to amend the zoning to better match the existing development patterns and uses within the Greater Normal Hill Neighborhood.  The proposal would bring in to conformance many non-conforming homes and other situations so that financing for improvements, additions and redevelopment will be more accessible.  The intent is that the new zoning would facilitate investment and improvements to properties in the neighborhood, thus increasing the appeal and the property values.  The new regulations are also intended to promote the historic and existing development patterns, not including architectural appearances.  The current zoning, in some cases allows things that, while not having been taken advantage of, the Commission and residents believe would be far out of character for the neighborhood, for example a 60’ tall hospital or apartment building or a mortuary or a 75 child day care center.  The proposed zoning would not allow such things.  The proposal would consolidate the neighborhood (not counting the college and hospital mixed use zones) from the current 3 zones in to 2 zones- North and South, with the divide being 11th Ave. See Maps

The Planning and Zoning Commission and city staff have made changes to the zoning based upon input from residents, including representatives of the Normal Hill Neighborhood Association.  The Normal Hill North and Normal HIll South zoning is represented by a chart that lists uses allowed by right (with a simple building permit) and conditional uses (by Planning and Zoning Commission approval after a public hearing), as well as a written description of the associated development regulations (how far buildings can be from property lines, how tall buildings can be, how much parking is required, etc.).  This zoning does not include a historic preservation element, per se.  The historic preservation issue is primarily being dealt with as a separate “overlay zone” that will soon be advertised for public hearing.
Normal Hill North Zone

Normal Hill South Zone