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2015 DT IRRP (Downtown Infrastructure Repair & Replacement)

As with all construction, unforeseen conditions could alter our well-intended notification plan and the construction schedule. If that happens, we ask for your cooperation and patience. We understand this will be an inconvenience for all of us and will do what we can to lessen the inconvenience.
Project Plan Set
Update October 22 - As of September 25, 2015 this project is considered substantially complete.  We would like to thank everyone for any inconveniences during construction and are excited to put another successful project in the books!  Stay tuned for more information regarding the next phase, the 2016 DT IRRP (Downtown Infrastructure Repair & Replacement) Project!

Update July 28 -
Paving on D Street was recently completed, with only a few clean up items remaining.  The striping on D Street will be painted and both lanes open by the end of this week.  Work has begun on 9th Street from D Street to Main Street.  The contractor will be working to install new stormwater drainage lines, water pipes, ADA ramps, and pavement in this block and planning to be complete by Hot August Nights.

The contractor will then move to the final portion of the project for 2015 and construct new stormwater drainage lines, water pipes, ADA ramps and pavement on 9th Street from Main Street to F Street.

Thank you to all the D Street businesses and the public who have been helpful and patient thru the project, we hope you can enjoy the new street and sidewalk!

Update June 3 -
Crews have been busy installing gravel base for the south side of D Street after completing the installation of the new waterline.  Paving of the south lane of D Street is set to occur June 3rd.  Only temporary business access disruptions can be anticipate while paving.  Following paving concrete sidewalk will be installed on the south side of D Street in the upcoming weeks.   Work in the intersection of D & 9th Street is set to begin Monday June 8th with the installation of a new sewer manhole and large diameter stormwater pipe.  9th Street (from D St to Main St) will be closed during this intersection work, however, one lane of traffic will be open on D St.  Intersection work is anticipated to last 1-2 weeks.                 

We want to thank the project area businesses as well as the public for their understanding and help in keeping it a safe and productive project.

Update April 29 - Crews have been busy installing the new waterline along the South lane of D Street. Construction of water services be ongoing and the new pipe’s tie in location at the Main & D Street intersection is planned for the first week in May. Following that will see the removal and reconstruction of sidewalk on the South side of D Street; and after that, paving of the South lane and beginning of construction in the 9th & D Street intersection.

We want to thank the project area businesses as well as the public for their understanding and help in keeping it a safe and productive project.


Water Line Instalation.JPG


Water Line Instalation.JPG

Update April 13 - Work Has Begun!

Work begins.jpg

Update March 27 - Construction Starts April 6!






The City of Lewiston and contractor Western Construction plan for work to begin the week of April 6. The onsite construction manager for the City is Garrett Frei (cell: 208 298-9150) of Riedesel Engineering, who has been contracted to provide construction management and inspection of the project. Garrett has been onsite meeting with the business and property owners adjacent to the project area over the past week in preparation for construction to get underway. 

City staff has worked hard to put this complete street and public utility rebuild project together. We know that three or four separate construction projects over the next 5 to 10 years would be far more disruptive to business in the area than this single project that repairs or replaces everything that needs to be done in the street. A combined project also saves money. The lowest bidder for the 2015 IRRP contract was $343,913 (24%) under our cost estimate. Getting the most value for every dollar we spend on infrastructure repair and upgrades is important to us at Public Works, and we intend to build on this sort of success in future combined projects.

The first phase of construction will include closure of the South lane of D Street to allow the construction of new waterlines to replace the leak prone century old system with increased fire protection as well as new sidewalk. At least one lane of D Street will remain open as will access to businesses. This is the first of 5 phases of construction.

D St Map of IRRP project

This year the overall project will construct approximately 2,000 feet of water line, 1,900 feet of storm drainage pipe, 13 storm drainage inlets, 3,200 feet of curb, 2,800 square yards of sidewalk, 10,200 square yards of asphalt pavement and base, and several sanitary sewer point repairs in D and 9th Streets.

The first of our weekly project meetings will be held 8:30 am, Thursday April 9 at the Lewiston Public Works offices at 215 D Street. These meetings will be held every Thursday at the same time and place throughout the project and offer the chance to talk with the City, the engineer, and the contractor as they plan for the upcoming week. Those affected by the project are encouraged to contact Garrett, Joe Kaufman at the City (208 790-8800), Western Construction (208-743-4278) or to attend our weekly meeting. Our project team knows street construction is an inconvenience for all of us and will do what we can to minimize those inconveniences.

Update January 23, 2015:
Thank you to those who came to the November Open House and those who have taken the time to talk with us since. We especially want to thank the business owners on D Street who have worked with us to refine the new sidewalks and construction phasing. We appreciate your time and insight. It’s a better project than it would have been without your help.                     

The construction contract is now out for bid, the first advertisement being run on January 22, 2015. Bid opening will be Feb 25th, with award of the contract to be presented to City Council in March.  Breaking ground on construction would be late April with construction expected to last through October.

Please take a few minutes to look through the 2015 Plans linked on the right, to see the sidewalk, street, and utility upgrades and repairs. We are excited to get started on these needed repairs and improvements.

Any questions can be referred to the City’s Project Engineer, Joe Kaufman. I look forward to hearing from you.

Update November 3, 2014:
Lewiston Public Works would like to hear from you about an important infrastructure project scheduled for construction this coming March through September!  It will include new water, storm drainage, sidewalk and road surfaces.  Affected areas are:
 - D St from 7th St to Main St
 - 9th St from D St to F St (including the intersection of 9th St & Main St.)

A Public Meeting for this project is scheduled for Wednesday, November 5, 2014 from 4 pm to 6 pm.  The Public Meeting will be held at the Lewiston City Library, located at 411 D St.  Those with questions or comments regarding the project are encouraged to contact the Public Works Department at (208) 746-1316 or by email at .

Update September 15, 2014
The project, combining stormwater, water, wastewater, sidewalk and streets improvements, has been renamed to reflect the project. The new name is the Downtown Lewiston Infrastructure Repair and Replacement Project (IRRP). Given the size of the project and the necessity of maintaining traffic access and flow during construction, IRRP is planned to split construction into two years, 2015 and 2016.

The 2015-IRRP will include D Street improvements from 7th Street to Main Street and 9th Street improvements from D Street to F Street.

The 2016-IRRP will include F Street improvements from 5th Street to 10th Street, 9th Street from F Street to the 9th Street Grade, and Idaho Street from 9th Street to 11th Street.

The Project Area Map shows this in more detail. These coordinated improvements include replacing and upgrading water lines that in many areas are approximately 100 years old and inadequately sized for fire protection; adding a new sidewalk connection on D Street from Main Street to 8th Street; and rebuilding failing street surfaces on 9th and D Streets among others.

The 70% plans of the 2015-IRRP have been completed and reviewed (see link on right) and work to produce the 90% plans is underway. City Staff has been meeting with property owners fronting D Street and 9th Street in the project area, and coordination is important to ensure limiting the impacts of construction and in producing a final project we will all be proud of. Several property owners on the north side of D Street have dedicated additional right-of-way to allow the sidewalk and street upgrades.                     

The 2015-IRRP is scheduled to be advertised for bids in early January of 2015 with construction beginning in March. Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

Update February 24, 2014:
Multiple segments of the FEMA II stormwater project overlap with areas needing water, wastewater, sidewalk and street improvements.  Combining these needed upgrades into one project would reduce the overall project cost to the City and provide a superior end product while reducing the construction impact to adjacent businesses.  A cost estimate, funding proposal along with a design and construction schedule were presented to Public Works Director, the URA’s staff liaison and the City Manager for resulting in the proposed work being funded during the August budget sessions.  30% design utility alignments have been developed and shared with Water/Wastewater Division Manager and Capital Projects Engineering Division Manager.   
Update May 7, 2013:

Surveying work began on May 6 and should be finished up about May 31.  You will see utility locates painted in the right-of-way areas and the survey crew at work throughout the project area (map link in column on right).  Watch for the Survey Crew sign shown below using the robotic total station instrument.

Survey Crew Sign.jpgTotal Station.JPG


The City has applied for and been awarded FY 2012 Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) grant funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to design and construct the Lewiston 9th Street Drainage Mitigation Project.

The project proposes to increase the size of storm drains serving the affected area, which will reduce flooding.  See the Map of Project Area (linked on the right) for locations of project work. The project is primarily a storm drain construction and replacement project.  Critical to increasing the capacity of storm drainage is the enlargement of underground drainage pipes connecting the City’s storm drains to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE) stormwater drainage system. 

The project will significantly reduce periodic flooding of 72 buildings:  23 residential and 49 business.  It will also reduce the risk of a 50-year and larger floods impacting several critical facilities including the County Sheriff’s Office, City of Lewiston's City Hall, North Central Idaho Health Dept, and State of Idaho Office Building. The City's Police and Fire Stations and County Court House and other office buildings are within a block of the project area.  A previously awarded FEMA project is currently underway to provide similar flood protection the drainage basin (13th thru 16th Sts., linked on left) directly to the east of this proposed project.

Project Timeframe

Proposal Submitted to FEMA        Sept 2011
Notice of Grant Award                   June 2012
Council Acceptance                      August 2012
Project Design                              Oct 2013-Sept 2014
Project Construction                      Spring 2015














 Storm Flooded Area

Project Manager
Joe Kaufman, PE
Engineering Project Supervisor

215 D Street
P O Box 617
Lewiston, ID  83501
Public Works Department
2015 Map of Project Construction Area

2016 Map of Project Construction Area

2016 IRRP 70% Project Review Plans

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