The City Of Lewiston

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Weed Abatement
For concerns about uncontrolled vegetation...
Complaints will now be addressed through the Fire Department.  Please contact Fire Administration at (208) 743-3554 for any concerns about uncontrolled vegetation within the city.  For all other code enforcement issues, contact the Police Department at (208) 746-0171.

Each property owner or person in control of any property in the city is required to see that vegetation growth is properly controlled on their property, as well as the abutting rights-of-way.

Failure to comply...
Failure to comply with City Code Sec. 17-35 may result in the abatement of the nuisance by the City at the expense of the offender.  This may also include additional fees. 

The following voluntary steps may be taken before any action is taken by the City:  
  • Properly control vegetation by the use of commonly used methods of eradication and prevention. 
  • Ground cover (grasses, etc.) should be cut down to a reasonable length.