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Vision Management Plan

Master Plan
The Urban Forestry activities for a five-year period are identified in the Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP). The UFMP is coordinated with the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Lewiston. The implementation of the UFMP is accomplished by allocating resources (workforce and funding) in an annual work plan. Accomplishments are reported quarterly with program adjustments made annually.

Following is an outline of the contents of the Urban Forestry Program Management Plan.

City of Lewiston Parks and Recreation
Urban Forestry Program Management Plan

Table of Contents
I.  Introduction    
    Urban Forestry Advisory Commission: Mission Statement, Operational Guidelines
    Coordination with the Lewiston Comprehensive Plan
    Neighborhood Planning Unit

II.  Authorities  
III.  Goals and Objectives   
IV.  Policy Standards and Procedures   
      City Policy  
      Tree Risk Management Policy  
      Public Education  
      Ordinance Requirements  
      Tree Trimmers (Arborist) Licensing  
      Standards of Urban Forestry Practice  
      Procedures for Removal and Pruning  
      The Planned Forest  
      Environmental Constraints or Physical Limitations of a Site  
      Biological and Natural Environmental Constraints of a Site  
      Design Factors to Consider in Site Selection  
      Neighborhood Management Summaries  
      Municipal Wood Waste Products and Biomass Marketing   
V.   Ecosystem Analysis   
      General Soils  
           Soil Description by Neighborhood Planning Unit:
           North Lewiston Neighborhood Units - Pleasant View Series
           Normal Hill and East Lewiston Neighborhood Planning Units
           Orchards - All Neighborhood Units
           Nez Perce County Soils
     Air Quality  
     Wildlife Species  
     Crime and the Urban Forest  
     Fire and the Urban Forest   
VI.  Financial Plan/Management Unit      
VII.  Program Evaluation    
VIII.  Financial Plan - Inventory    
        Cultural Treatment by Zone  
        Cultural Treatment by Address  
        Species Summary - by Species  
        Species Summary - Total Inventory  
        Tree Value and Condition  
        Park Tree Inventory