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The City of Lewiston, as a PERSI employer, wants to make sure you have the information you need when considering retirement.  Questions about PERSI, health care, Social Security and Medicare often make the process seem daunting.  Hopefully the information on this page will answer some of those questions.

        Retirement on the Horizon - HR Checklist

What about notifying my department of my exit date?

    The City of Lewiston Policy requires a minimum 14 days notice to be considered as having left in good standing.  However, obviously if you are retiring - you will want to give as much advance notice as possible.  HR recommends 60  - 90 days notice so we can process the paperwork for PERSI and schedule a visit to answer any questions you might have.

Do I have to sign up for COBRA?

    COBRA coverage for medical, dental and vision is available and yes it is expensive.  You are paying the total health care premium plus 2-15% depending on our plan year.  Please let us know and we can provide the exact figures to you.

There are options besides COBRA to consider and you should be checking into these options well before your big day.  The Affordable Care Act - or Obamacare - is available and actually affordable.  To find out what it would cost for you (or you and your dependents) - contact one of the local insurance companies in the valley to discuss plans and rates.  The Idaho and Washington Exchange are listed below if you prefer to do it yourself.

        ID Exchange -

        WA Exchange -

PERSI Information
PERSI needs to hear from you sooner than later!  It takes at minimum 60 days to process your retirement paperwork.  You MUST call them to obtain an estimate and they would prefer 3 - 6 months notice.   

                        PERSI - 1-800-451-8228

PERSI customer service will ask you a few questions and you will receive the estimate in 2 - 3 weeks.  They will also include the actual "Retirement Kit" which is 18 pages.  The advantage of completing the Retirement Application on the website and then printing - is that all of your personal information is prefilled on the pages required.  Go to the link below and fill out as much of the form as you can - and PRINT.  You can fill in the other items and sign.


This Checklist from PERSI will answer many of your questions.


PERSI Brochures

The brochures at this link will answer additional questions regarding your PERSI, taxes, divorce, benefit withdrawal, buying service credits and much more.


Social Security
If you have ANY questions regarding Social Security - please contact the local Social Security Administration or go to the website below and login to get an estimate of benefits.  The website will guide you through setting up an account if you have never logged in before and you can even apply for SS retirement on this website.


What else do I need to know?
You will receive your final check from the City on the payday following your last day worked.  If you wish to protect any of your vacation or comp-time payout by directing any portion to PERSI Choice or one of the other pre-tax plans available - contact Neal in payroll - 746-3671 (ext. 6207) at least 2 weeks before your last day.

The City of Lewiston will plant a "Legacy Tree" in your honor in one of our City parks - along with a plaque with your name and dates of service.  Many retirees appreciate being able to take family members to see "their" tree.  Employees must leave in good standing, and meet PERSI retirement requirements.

If you have questions - please email or call HR - 208-746-3671 ext. 6211.