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What Permits Do I Need?

Permits Your Project May Need

Building Permit 
Required whenever a building or structure, regulated by the code is erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, converted or demolished.

Electrical Permit
Required for all residential & commercial interior & exterior work; homes, remodels, accessory bldgs, etc.

Plumbing Permit 
Required for all residential & commercial interior & exterior piping.  This includes all new construction as well as repair or replacement of fixtures and/or piping.

Mechanical Permit 
Required for the installation of air conditioners, water heaters, furnaces, etc; all Gas work & pipe. Mechanical Permits must be obtained by a licensed, mechanical contractor. 

Utility Permit 
Required for all commercial exterior water, sewer, stormwater and firelines.  Also required for management systems: catchbasins, drywells, manholes, sand/oil separators, grease traps, etc.

Right of Way Permit 
Required for all curb & gutter, new or replacement; sidewalk, new or replacement; curb or street cuts, trenches or bell holes; any work or use of the right of way.

Demolition Permit 
Required for any structure served by utilities. 

For questions, please call the permit center at (208) 746-1318 ext. 7200 or e-mail.