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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement - Purpose
One of Lewiston’s highest priorities is to work with residents and businesses to preserve and maintain the livability, values and integrity of our neighborhoods.  With this goal in mind, the City’s Code Enforcement Personnel is joining forces with neighborhood associations, residents and business owners to work together to eliminate those situations that could lead to unsightly and decaying conditions.

A strong Code Enforcement program has been shown to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods, reduce crime and improve property values.

This information is intended as a convenient reference to increase your understanding of the Code Enforcement process and assist you, your business and your neighborhood association in promoting a safe, healthy and attractive community.  It includes information on the types of violations enforced by Code Enforcement and the investigation process.

Helping to create a better understanding and knowledge of certain portions of the City Code is one of the tasks assigned to the Code Enforcement Office.

As they relate to activities on private property, the Code Enforcement Office will deal with matters concerning all or parts of the following chapter in the Lewiston Code:

Chapter 17   Garbage, Rubbish and Weeds 
Chapter 21   Licenses 
Chapter 30   Signs 
Chapter 33   Swimming Pools
Chapter 37   Livestock
                   Junk Vehicles
                   Parking and Temporary Use of
                   Recreational Vehicles

By answering questions, providing written information and initiating public relations activities, the Code Enforcment Officer will help to make the public more aware of these codes and how they relate to each of us.  Compliance with many of these codes usually occurs without any conscious effort.  Other portions of the Code can be more complicated in the way they affect each of us in our daily living.  They do, however, affect each of us in many ways.  They provide us with specific guidelines for things that can or cannot occur on property in our community.

Compliance with these codes assures that each of us will live in a cleaner, healthier, safer and more organized community.  You can review the Lewiston City Code with this link:  LEWISTON CITY CODE LINK.

 Often we see things that just don’t seem quite right to us.  When you notice a problem or have a concern about something that is occurring on private property, please call the Code Enforcement Office.  Information will be gathered, the problem investigated and the Code Enforcement Officer will take appropriate action.

 We hope that this information will make it easier for you to participate in maintaining the high quality of your neighborhood and commercial district.

Joe Martin

Code Enforcement

Ph: (208)
      Ext: 1053
Fax: (208)

Physical Address:
1224 F Street

Mailing Address:
1224 F Street
Lewiston, ID  83501