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Historic Preservation Commission

Regular meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at the Community Development building, 215 D Street


  • Michelle Bly (Chair)
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  • Dennis Ohrtman 
  • Greg Follett
  • Tara LeGresley
  • Garry Bush
  • Anne Marie Emerson 
  • Bill Miller

  • Vacant Position    

  • Cari Miller, Council Liaison

Request for Statement of Qualifications: Reconnaissance Survey and National Register Nomination For A Historic District

The City of Lewiston is interested in securing the services of a professional in the areas of Architecture, Architectural History, Historic Architecture, History or Historic Preservation to complete a Reconnaissance survey and National Register Nomination for a Historic District.  Closing date: July 18, 2016.
Questions in writing to be received by July 11, 2016, with answers being posted below.

Please see full details via this link: RFSOQ Document

Questions & Answers on the RFSOQ Document are posted below:

1) Will the city supply the consultant with the National Register of Historic Places nomination forms for the original district (1975) and the extension of the district (1984)?

Staff will work with the consultant to provide the information that is required and available in the City's files.

  2) Does the city have an approximate number of buildings to be recorded for the survey? Based on a count taken from the supplied map, our estimate is between 20 and 25 buildings--is that correct?

There maybe two levels of review to establish what is classed as contributing to the boundary map for the survey and subsequent National Register Nomination.  An area map for consideration is posted to help with identification of buildings: Link of Possible Survey Area Map

3) March 1, the deadline for the completed nomination form, is less than 30 days after the deadline for submission of the survey report. Is it possible that the deadline could be extended to April 30 to allow sufficient time to do justice to the task of writing a National Register nomination so quickly after completing the detailed tasks of completing the survey and writing the survey document?

The City is bound by the CLG Grant and our timeline is to provide the final deliverables by the timeline provided.  It is thought when the reconnaissance is conducted some of the information for the National Register Nomination would be collected at the same time.

4) At the end of each activity description, the RFSOQ includes the statement "...deliverables must obtain an approval from SHPO before payment from the City of Lewiston can be released." That implies that the consultant will submit separate invoices for each activity. Is that correct?

Two invoices with final deliverables one for the Reconnaissance Survey and one for the National Register Nomination. 

5)  I just wanted to verify that five (5) copies of the Proposal should be submitted, each on a separate CD, and that no hard copies of the Proposal are required.

That is correct; additional copies of the proposal maybe printed off from the CD if required.

6)   On page 2, you state that a total of $10,000 is available for both parts of the project, with the eventual price to be established during subsequent contract negotiations. Are we being asked to make a bid based on estimated hours and hourly rate? This was not listed on page 5 as part of the items for submission. Please clarify.

The value of the grant was provided for your information.  At this point we are requesting a statement of qualifications and experience in the professional areas listed in the first paragraph under Project Summary.  The project is split into two areas – Reconnaissance Survey and National Register District Nomination.  Based on the description of these two areas and the requirements, you would need to provide experience and expertise at completing said tasks and deliverables.

7)  On page 3, #d, you ask for at least 2 "clear overview photographs for the survey boundary selected and the properties included...." Are you referring to an aerial view downloaded from Google Earth or are you referring to street views? Please clarify

Google Earth or other software can be used; the buildings that are contributing should be marked on the boundary map being recommended.

8)   Is this new nomination to done as a boundary adjustment to the earlier nominations or will it be entirely separate?

This would be something the consultant would provide a recommendation on.

9)  Eight buildings in the block of Main between 5th and 6th were part of the 1984 nomination. Are these included in the 100 buildings to be surveyed?

Answer is the same as item 8) above.

Normal Hill Heritage Overlay (NHHO)
Normal Hill has a very long and important history, as is recognized in the Lewiston Comprehensive Plan and in general by the community at large.  The historic nature of the construction, the development pattern, and many of the sites and buildings in the NHHO Zoning District contribute to the historic significance and character of the neighborhood.  This neighborhood adds to the attractiveness, desirability and economy of the City of Lewiston.

It is the intent of the proposed code to preserve and enhance these benefits, encourage investment, improve properties and increase property values in the neighborhood.  It is not the intent of these provisions to deer property owners from maintaining, improving or upgrading their buildings.  Construction and maintenance work subject to the proposed code shall not be denied a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) when such work is for the replacement of inefficient or failing materials, fixtures, or systems with modernly designed and constructed replacements that duplicate, replicate, or result in substantial conformance with the visual appearance or integrity of a historically significant aspect of the building.

Below are links to the boundary map and the proposed code that the Commission is seeking input on.

NHHO Proposed Code - Draft
Boundary Map
Quick Guide

If you would like to provide feedback or have questions, please contact:

Jacqui Gilbert:

Orchid Awards

Orchid Awards are generally presented in the summer of each year to honor the actions of those individuals and businesses who invest both their financial and intellectual capital to preserve our community’s heritage.  For 2016 we are going to have an event and provide a tour to those who have won these awards in the past. 

The following 2016 award categories are for residential or commercial:

* Excellence in Historic Preservation
* Contribution to Historic Preservation
* Preservation-Sensitive New Construction
* Friend of Preservation
* Distinguished Preservationist
* Cultural Heritage Preservation
* Heritage Stewardship

More details are available on the nomination form by clicking here: Lewiston Orchid Awards Nomination Form

Orchid Award Winners 2015

The Lewiston Historic Preservation Commission and City of Lewiston is very pleased to publicly honor the 2015 Orchid Award Winners listed below.  It is through their efforts our community retains its vital link between the past and future.  Congratulations! 

Excellence in Historic Preservation & Contribution to Historic Preservation Lewis-Clark State College; Silverthorne Theatre Building Rehabilitation/Remodel
Preservation-Sensitive New Construction Mr. Garry Bush; New Construction of the ADA-Compliant Restroom Addition to the Heritage House
Heritage Stewardship Mr. Peter Goetzinger; Mural for the Community at 513 Main Street

Orchid Award Presentation Event: September 19th, 2015

It was a wonderful day and the weather was gorgeous to celebrate the good work our awardees do.  The venue was the Heritage House of the Nez Perce County Historical Society.  Dr. Dennis Ohrtman, a Historic Preservation Commissioner, did a fabulous job of providing background on the Orchid Award winners and their projects.

Tom Hackwith and the Old Time Fiddlers provided musical entertainment with the Blue Lantern delighting us with refreshments and cupcakes.

A Trolley Tour by Idaho History Tours where Garry Bush and Steve Branting did an excellent job on the Normal Hill Trolley Tour by providing the history on the properties that were on the route.  A big thank you goes out to Larry and Kathy Schroeder where the tour finished; they opened up their home to those who took the tour and wowed us with the history of their property. 

Click here to view the pictures taken: Orchid Awards 2015