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Zoning Information

Zoning in Lewiston

Zoning is the separation of land uses.  Modern zoning began in the early 1900's when people in several towns in the Northeast built nice homes for themselves and discovered that the land next to theirs was not just attractive for homes, but attractive for such things as fat-rendering plants or pig farms.  The people with the nice homes then went to their city councils and requested that only houses be built in their neighborhoods.  City councils then adopted ordinances setting up zones limiting the type of land uses in certain parts of the city.

Zoning depends on an official map showing the boundaries of land use zones.  Within each zone, a list of permitted uses is developed.  Such uses are generally referred to as uses permitted outright.  Additionally, another list is developed of special uses that may be permitted when certain conditions are met.  These special uses are usually referred to as conditional uses.

Below are some topics of information that are frequently requested of our office.

Administrative Variance
Animal Rights
Flag Lots
Front Yard Exceptions
Home Occupations
Mini Storage
Ravine Standards
Small Lot Development
Telecommunication Towers