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Dealing With Skunks
Skunk Behavior
As you have probably smelled, there is a skunk problem here in the Lewiston valley. Skunks are mostly nocturnal animals and are seldom seen during the daylight hours. When it gets dark, skunks become active and roam the area in search of food.

Skunks will eat just about anything and are especially fond of dry dog and cat foods and of fruit. They are also carnivorous and will kill and eat small animals such as mice and chicks.

When not active, skunks seek refuge under outbuildings and decks; in thick brush, rock piles, and abandoned rodent burrows.

Keeping Skunks Away
The best way to keep skunks away from your home is to discourage them from frequenting your property. The following is a list of ideas that may help:
  • Put up any kind of pet food that is kept outside during the nighttime hours.
  • Clear out thick brush around your property.
  • Fill in any rodent burrows that are around your property.
  • Check for tunnels under outbuildings and decks and seal them up. (If you run a hose into these tunnels before you seal them up, it will force the skunks to leave until you can seal them.)
  • Skunks will kill chicks if you keep them outside at night - Lock them up at night.

Still having problems with skunks? Get information on trapping and removing skunks or contact the Lewiston Police Department at (208) 746-0171.