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Trapping and Removing Skunks
If Skunks Just Won't Stay Away
If you still have skunk problems, you may trap the skunks and remove them from your property. You can either purchase your own trap and trap them yourself, or you can hire a professional to do the trapping and disposal for you.

The following is a list of pest control agencies in the valley that can assist in resolving your skunk problems:
  • Interstate Pest Control: (208) 746-4200
  • Living Waters Lawn and Landscape: (208) 758-0837
  • Sun Pest Control: (208) 758-5949
  • American Pest Control: (208) 743-8261
  • Paramount Pest Control: (208) 743-2152
  • Linda Dial: (208) 743-0801
  • Fish & Game Department (loan traps only): (208) 799-5010

If you have any further questions regarding skunks in the Lewiston Valley, please contact the Police Department at (208) 746-0171.