The City Of Lewiston

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Idaho's Only Seaport
Curbside Collection
Curbside collection is provided one time per week.  Residential customers may contact Sunshine Disposal at (208) 743-4075 to arranage for more frequent collection or to have additional garbage picked up during regular collection for a fee.

Mobile carts shall be placed at the edge of the alley or travelway with handles facing the house and away from the street.  Please remember to place all garbage inside the cart and close the lid.  All garbage should be bagged to prevent littering during collection.

Some residential routes are serviced by a collection vehicle with an automated mechanical arm that "reaches" out from the vehicle to pick up and dump the contents of the mobile cart. Please remember to place your mobile cart at the edge of travelway and at least three (3) feet away from any obstacle such as a post, mailbox, vehicle or other obstruction to avoid damages.  Thank you for your assistance.

Click on Curbside Guidelines or Pickup Schedules for more information.