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Recycling Services

Single-stream recycling in 2013!!
  Residential customers can recycle many items at the curb in one convenient blue cart.  No more sorting of materials; no more wind blown materials from blue bins.  Call Sunshine Disposal & Recycling at (208) 743-4075 if you have any questions on the blue cart or single stream recycling program.

Acceptable materials include many new items.  To view an image of acceptable material types and how to place in the blue cart for collection, please click SINGLE STREAM CART.

Recycling of special materials such as compact fluorescent lamps (CFL's) is available at some local retail hardware and do-it-yourself stores.

Electronics material recycling is available at local businesses Lewis Clark Recyclers (
and Pacific Steel & Recycling (

Glass Recycling Satellite Facilities
All colors and shapes of glass bottles can be recycled at one of our three satellite facilties - A&B Foods on 8th Street, Rosauers on Thain, and the City of Lewiston Transfer Station.  Glass bottles are processed into aggregate and used by local businesses and the city for different projects.  To o view an image of the glass recycling program and uses by local businesses, please click GLASS RECYCLING PROGRAM.

Recycle A Pound, Save Tons!!!
The Solid Waste Advisory Commission (SWAC) for the City of Lewiston has set a goal of one pound of recyclable materials per household per day to achieve an annual diversion rate of 2,100 tons of recyclable materials.  Remember "Recycle A Pound, Save Tons!"

If you are interested in becoming a valued member of the Solid Waste Advisory Commission, please contact us at 208-746-1316.