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Yard Waste Guidelines
Plastic Bags
Disposable plastic bags with a gauge of not less than one and four tenths (1.4) mils may be used during the months of November through March. The gross weight of the bag and contents shall not exceed thirty five (35) pounds. 

Reusable Containers 
Watertight, metal or plastic cans neither less than 20-gallon capacity nor more than 32-gallon capacity may be used year round. Cans shall be equipped with handles and close-fitting, detachable covers. The total combined weight of the can and yard waste shall not exceed fifty (50) pounds.

Kraft Paper Bags
Disposable paper bags fifty (50) pounds wet strength may be used year-round. The total combined weight of a bag and yard waste shall not exceed (50) pounds. Bags should not be taped, tied, or stapled closed. These bags are available at retail outlet stores.

Acceptable Material
Recyclable material consisting of grass clippings, leaves, tree and shrub trimmings, garden waste, clean Christmas trees (Feb. 1st - 7th only), and lawn and garden bark may be placed out for collection without limitation to volume.

Sod / Dirt
Sod is not acceptable material for yard waste collection.

Tree / Shrub Trimmings
Limbs, trunks, and stumps larger than 6” in diameter and/or 6’ in length are not acceptable as yard waste compost. (Bundles of trimmings securely tied with string or twine (no plastic or wire ties) not exceeding 4’ in length and 2’ in diameter are still accepted year round.

Roots / Dirt
Tree/shrub roots and shrubs with roots attached are not acceptable material for yard waste collection.

Note: Loads of noxious weeds are not acceptable material. Please remember that all vehicles transporting yard wast shall be covered to prevent littering.  Unsecured loads are illegal.

For more information and disposal options, please call (208) 746-1316. The City contracted compost facility is open daily from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, except major holidays.