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Safe Community Offender Accountability Program (SCOAP)
SCOAP is a partnership between the Lewiston Police Department and the District 2 Office of the Department of Corrections, Probation, and Parole. Officers of the Lewiston Police Department and from Probation and Parole work as a team to assure that persons on probation are meeting the terms and conditions of their respective probation.

This is accomplished through:
  • Home visits
  • Bar checks
  • Surveillance
  • Community contacts
  • Team meetings with offenders

Program Goals

This program, and the teams that are out in the community, are intended to be highly visible. It is the hope of the Department that by encouraging offenders to meet the terms and conditions of their probation we are helping them, their families, and especially the children, as often times they are at risk.

In addition, this innovative team approach should effectively reduce the re-offense rate, at least in the City of Lewiston.