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Employment with the City of Lewiston Police Department

Benefit Information: Fully paid medical, dental, vision and basic life insurance.  Dependents can receive medical benefits at a cost to employee.  All uniforms and equipment provided.  Pays into a PERSI retirement system.  Paid vacation and sick time depending on longevity.  

Contact Information:
Sgt. R. Fuentes

 Department Information: Patrol Officers work a 4 day/10 hour shift with a total of 46 sworn officers in the Department.  The benefits include medical, dental, vision, short-term disability, and retirement plan.  After a one year probationary period, Officers are eligible to apply for specialty assignments as they come open, such as School Resource Officer, Motor Officer, SWAT team, Major Collision Investigation Team, and others.

City Information:
The Lewiston Police Department is located in Lewiston, Idaho.  Lewiston is part of a trio of cities referred to as the gateway to Hells Canyon, North America’s deepest river gorge.  Recreational opportunities for jet boating, white-water rafting, swimming, fishing, hunting, hiking and camping are limitless.  Miles of levee pathways follow the rivers for walking, jogging and biking.  The area is often referred to as the “Banana Belt” of the Pacific Northwest due to the mild winter climate.  Snow skiing and snowmobiling are only a short drive away.

Population: Population of Lewiston is 32,500.  The Lewiston-Clarkston Valley’s population is over 50,000.
 Job Requirements:
Age: 21

US Citizen: Yes
High School Grad/GED: Yes
Valid IDAHO State Driver's License: Yes
Ability to Read/Speak English: Yes

Vision: Must have uncorrected vision in each eye of no weaker than twenty/two hundred (20/200) with the strong eye corrected to twenty/twenty (20/20) and the weaker eye corrected to twenty/sixty (20/60).
Should possess binocular coordination that does not manifest diplopia; depth of proficiency of a minimum of one (1) minute of arc at twenty (20) feet; peripheral vision should be binocularly two hundred (200) degrees laterally with sixty (60) degrees upward and seventy (70) degrees downward. There should be no pathology of the eye; should possess a minimum seventy percent (70%) proficiency on a color discrimination test. 

Schooling Prior and Post Hiring:
High School Diploma or GED

Felony, Criminal Activity Disqualifiers:
Conviction or withheld judgement on any felony offense. Convictions or withheld judgements for any misdemeanor sex crimes, DUI, domestic violence, stalking, civil protection order violation or child abuse.

Driving Disqualifiers:
Misdemeanor or infraction traffic violations within five years of application.

 Drug Use Disqualifiers:
Violations of the Lewiston Police Department Drug Policy or failure to meet IDAPA rules for drug use, as of March 20, 2014. This includes using marijuana (legally or illegally) in the last 3 years or any Schedule 1 thru VI drug in the last 5 years. 

Employment Disqualifiers:
Theft of company property. Misuse of company or department finances. Falsification of time reporting or other official documents. Drug or alcohol use that negatively affected job performance. Sick leave abuse. Committing any form of illegal harassment.

Additional Disqualifiers
Discharge from the military for “Other Than honorable”. Been decertified as a police officer in any state or jurisdiction. Fail to meet Idaho POST physical fitness standards. Failure of a polygraph exam, psychological evaluation, medical exam or drug test prior to.