The City Of Lewiston

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Sec. 8-23. License required.
The keeping of any dog within the city is hereby forbidden and unlawful, unless the owner, custodian, keeper or person harboring the dog shall procure a license from the city for such dog. The license shall be obtained from any person authorized by the city manager to act as an agent for the city for the sale and distribution of dog licenses.

This provision shall not apply to a dog under three (3) months of age; nor shall it apply to a nonresident keeping a dog within the city for no longer than sixty (60) days; nor shall it apply to the keeping of any dog within a properly licensed kennel, as provided for in section 8-34 of this article. In any prosecution for a violation of this section, the absence of a tag to be appended to a dog, as provided in section 8-27 of this article, excluding dogs used in law enforcement, shall be prima facie evidence that the dog has not been legally licensed. No prosecution for a violation of this section shall be commenced prior to March 1st of any calendar year. Whenever any person, after applying for and receiving a city dog license, shall move from the address named in such application, such person shall, within ten (10) days thereafter, notify the deputy treasurer of the city in writing of such address change.

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