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APWA Accreditation 2015
On July 30, 2015 Re-Accreditation was awarded to Public Works.  This follows a four-year continuous improvement term since the original award on May 2, 2011.  The Lewiston Public Works Department was awarded Full Accreditation by the American Public Works Association (APWA).  Lewiston Public Works is the 67th award in the program and the first agency in the state of Idaho to receive this award.  Public Works' staff voluntarily applied to the Program to provide a means of formally verifying and recognizing that our procedures and processes measure up to an industry standard based on a Management Practices Manual developed by our peers in the APWA.  The Program provides a self-assessment process to objectively evaluate, verify, and recognize compliance with the recommended management practices.

This is a continuous improvement program and the award is only valid for four years.  Staff must remain in a continous improvement process and apply for re-accreditation that will be re-evaluated.

Specific program information can be found at the APWA website.

The objectives of the Accreditation Program are to:
  • Create motivation for overall department improvement and stimulate a general raising of standards
  • Provide a means to voluntarily evaluate and educate rather than responding to a mandate
  • Recognize good performance and provide motivation to maintain and continue to improve performance
  • Improve the provision of services to customers
  • Increase professionalism, team-building, and a sense of department community
  • Instill pride among agency staff, elected officials, and the local community

Public Works' mission statement is to provide excellent public services with the resources we are entrusted with and this program is one means to ensure a continuous improvement process.