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Idaho's Only Seaport
Historic Preservation Commission
Click here for more information about the members and meetings of the Historic Preservation Commission.

Guidelines for Preserving, Rehabilitating, Restoring, and Reconstructing Historic Buildings

The National Park Service of the U.S. Department of the Interior has many great resources for the preservation and restoration of historic buildings.  Click the link to go to the National Park Service's web page for Technical Preservation Services.

Click on the following links to access The Secretary of the Interior's:

(These documents are rather large, so they may take a few moments to load.)

Preservation Briefs

The National Park Service’s Preservation Briefs provide information on such items as:

  • Cleaning and restoring masonry (01 and 02);
  • Repair of historic wooden windows (09);
  • Exterior paint problems on historic woodwork (10);
  • New exterior additions to historic buildings (14);
  • Use of substitute materials on historic building exteriors (16 and 08);
  • Architectural character – identifying the visual aspects of historic buildings (17);
  • Rehabilitating interiors in historic buildings (18);
  • Heating, ventilating, and cooling historic buildings (24);
  • Painting historic interiors (28);
  • Use of awnings on historic buildings (44); and
  • Preserving historic wooden porches (45).

National Register of Historic Places in Idaho

Click on the following link to access the National Register of Historic Places in Idaho

Below are the Lewiston listings:

Aspoas, James, House Booth, Frank, House
94001366 94001367
1610 15th Ave., Lewiston 1608 17th Ave., Lewiston
941125 941125


Breier Building First Christian Church
86001261 78001083
631-633 Main St., Lewiston 7th Ave. and 7th St., Lewiston
860613 780831


Garfield School Hasotino
82002513 76000678
2912 5th Ave., Lewiston Address Restricted, Lewiston
820415 760402 (NPNHP)


Hatwai Village Site Hester, Patrick J. and Lydia, House
82000353 94001365
Address Restricted, Lewiston 1622 15th Ave., Lewiston
821108 941125


Idaho Grocery Warehouse and Annex JEAN (steamboat)
82000354 89001001
1209 Main St., Lewiston 3620 A Snake River Ave. in Hells Gate State
821117 Park, Lewiston
Tourtellotte and Hummel Architecture TR



Kettenbach, Henry C., House Lewiston City Hall
78001084 82000355
1026 9th Ave., Lewiston 207 3rd St., Lewiston
780207 821117
Tourtellotte and Hummel Architecture TR


Lewiston Depot Lewiston Historic District
73000687 75000637
13th and Main Sts., Lewiston Irregular pattern between 1st and 5th Sts. and B St. and the Snake River, Lewiston
730507 750605


Lewiston Methodist Church Lewiston Vineyards Gates
79000802 83000288
805 6th Ave., Lewiston 18th Ave. and 10th, Lewiston
790920 830414
Tourtellotte and Hummel Architecture TR


McLaren, William and Elizabeth, House Nave Apartments
92001413 78001085
1602 15th Ave., Lewiston 600 block of 8th St., Lewiston
921106 780803


Nez Perce Snake River Archeological District St. Stanislaus Catholic Church
78001086 78001087
Address Restricted, Lewiston 633 5th Ave., Lewiston
781222 780207
Tamblyn, Agnes M., House Thompson, Gaylord, House
94001364 92000419
1506 17th Ave., Lewiston 1824 17th Ave., Lewiston
941125 920504


Twenty-One Ranch House Wyatt, W. R. and Louisa E., House
78001088 94001362
S of Lewiston at 7570 Waha Rd., Lewiston 1524 18th Ave., Lewiston
781218 941125

Normal Hill Homes

Click on the following link to access a list of historic homes on Normal Hill.  This list has been compiled by a local historian to document our history and share the backgrounds of these stately or modest homes that create the place we call “Normal Hill”.    It is a work in progress.  If you have facts to add, please send to .