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Licensing Fees

Annual License Fee
Sec. 8-25. Annual license fee.
(a) The license fee for dogs for each calendar year or part thereof shall be as follows:

Per year, registered seeing eye dog, No charge
Per year, neutered dog:  $8.00
Per year, unneutered dog: $25.00
For lifetime license, neutered dog:  $25.00
For lifetime license, unneeutered dog:  $50.00 
Dangerous dog: $100.00

Replacement tag (including dogs licensed elsewhere and for which license is applied for within sixty (60) days of locating within the city) $2.00 Kennel, per year $25.00

(b) All licenses shall expire on the 31st day of December of the year for which they are issued. A license for the succeeding calendar year can be obtained prior to the expiration of the current year’s license but shall not be effective until the expiration of the current license. No part of any dog license fee shall be refundable.

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