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Home Based Business

Home Occupations

Purpose and Definition
A home occupation is a business carried on in the home with no more than one employee other than members of the family. The purpose of restrictions on home occupation is to preserve the right of neighboring residents to enjoy a peaceful occupancy of their homes.

The occupation must be incidental to the residential use and no more than 25 percent of the gross floor area of the home is used.  No exterior display by the business is allowed or any use which will disturb the neighborhood.  Off-street parking must be provided and delivery of materials by commercial vehicles is prohibited.

When Required  
A business license is required whenever you wish to operate an occupation out of your home.  In some instances, a Conditional Use Permit will be required in addition to a business license.  City staff will be able to help you determine if a Conditional Use Permit is necessary.

How To Apply


Application Information and Other Contacts

You should discuss the type of business with the Business License Representative for any additional information which may be required.  You may call the Business License Representative at 208-746-7363.

Time Frame
A business license for a home occupation normally takes 15 days, unless a Conditional Use Permit is required.  If a Conditional Use
Permit is necessary, than an additional 8 weeks is required.

Review Process
When the completed application has been received by the License Clerk, copies are sent to Planning and Zoning, Building Official, Fire Department and Sanitation, and, in some instances, the Police Department and Health District.

The Planning and Zoning staff reviews the application to determine if the business is a “home occupation” as defined by Code and if a Conditional Use is required.  The Building Official reviews the use in relation to the structure.  In some instances, a building inspection is required.  The Fire Department reviews the use and structure for fire and life safety requirements not covered in the Building Code, i.e. water supply, Fire Department access and fire extinguishers.