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Child Care

Child Care / Preschool License

Purpose and Definition 
All child care or preschool facilities and persons entering or engaged in the business of operating a child care or preschool facility within the city, including private nurseries, kindergartens or any other private facility caring for children during either the day or night are required to be licensed for the purpose of protecting and providing services to the citizens and businesses of the City. The requirement for the city depends on the classification of the facility.

The Lewiston City Code defines child care as providing care for children under the age of eleven (11) years of age for more than 2 ½ consecutive hours during any twenty four hour period, not the children or stepchildren of the child care provider, for compensation.

Private or parochial education facilities, summer day camps, or other programs and persons providing care of a child or children related by blood or marriage, or a child or siblings of one family in addition to their own children are not required to obtain a license.

The classifications of child care facilities are based on the number of children for whom care is provided. They are as follows:

        Family Day Care : 1-6 children*
        Group Day Care: 7-12 children*
        Day Care Center: 13 or more children
        Preschool: 12 or less children
        Preschool: 13 or more children

A preschool is a separate classification, defined as “a place of structured instruction where educational sessions last no longer than four (4) consecutive hours, not governed by the State Board of Education.”

*A family or group day care facility is limited to five (5) children under the age of 2 ½ years of age when located within a singlefamily dwelling. To provide care for more than five (5) children under the age of 2 ½ years, additional exiting and fire sprinkler requirements must be met.

To Apply

Family Inspection Checklist (1-6 Children)