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Alcohol Beverage

Alcoholic Beverage License

Purpose and Definition
An alcohol beverage license is required by the Lewiston City Code for protection of the citizens and businesses operating in the City.

When Required
An alcohol beverage license is required when any person is:

        Selling or dispensing liquor;
        Selling or dispensing beer or wine by the drink;
        Selling or dispensing beer or wine by retail.

Each business location is considered to be a separate business and requires a separate alcohol beverage license.

If your business changes ownership or if you move your business to a new location, the alcohol license is automatically void.  A new alcohol license is required if either event takes place.

All Alcohol Licenses must be renewed annually. 

How To Apply

Certificate of Owner Consent Form
Fee Schedule

The Business License office can provide you with the necessary City applications and help identify other information you may need to provide in order to apply for your license.  A business & occupation license is also required.

Time Frame
A license review takes approximately fifteen (15) working days from the time we receive the license applications to the time you receive your license.  In some instances, the time frame may be longer due to the State and County licenses, building deficiencies requiring correction and/or delays in a construction or remodeling.

Review Process
When the completed alcohol and business license applications have been received, with copies of your State and County licenses attached (unless they are still pending issuance), the applications are sent to the Police, Fire and Health Departments, the Building Official and the Planning and Zoning staff for review.  Inspections may be required to process the application.  If an inspection is required, it will be scheduled at the convenience of the applicant.  If the results of the inspection indicate building deficiencies, you will receive a letter of the inspector’s findings with a list of corrections.  The City, at its option, may issue a conditional license until the repairs or corrections are completed.

State and County Alcohol Licenses Required
You will also need a State alcohol license and a County alcohol license.  You may apply for your City alcohol license during the interim of receiving your state and county licenses, but you will need to provide a copy of both your state and county licenses prior to the issuance of your City license.

For information on a State alcoholic beverage license, you should contact the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement, Alcohol Beverage Control Office, PO Box 700, Meridian, ID 83680-0700 –  Toll Free (888) 222-1360 or (208) 884-7060.

For information on a County alcoholic beverage license, you should contact the Nez Perce County Auditor’s Office at the County Courthouse, 1230 Main Street, Lewiston, ID 83501 - (208) 799-3020.