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Alcohol Catering Permit

Alcohol Catering Permits

Purpose and Definition
The Alcohol Catering Permit allows an alcohol establishment holding a valid Idaho state alcohol retail license to serve and sell alcohol at a party, convention or other event at a location other than their licensed premises.  The Alcohol Catering Permit is limited to the authorization to sell liquor, beer or wine, or any combination thereof, based upon the type of Idaho alcohol license they possess.

When Required
An Alcohol Catering Permit is required when an organization, person or group intends to sponsor a party, convention or other event at a non-alcohol licensed premises, where the serving and selling of wine, beer or liquor by the drink will take place.

How to Apply
Complete the "Alcohol Catering Permit" application form.  You may either print the form to bring in with payment to Community Development, Business Licensing, 215 "D" Street or submit it to the Business License office electronically.  The City will contact you for debit/credit payment information - we are able to accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Note: If you are the sponsor of the party or convention and will be handling the alcohol catering permit, you will need to print this form and take it directly to the licensed alcohol retailer to complete.  They will need to provide their signature on the "responsible licensee name" line to verify their authorization for the permit. 

Time Frame
It takes approximately 3 to 5 working days review time for alcohol dispensed and consumed inside a building.  Allow at least 14 working days review time for alcohol to be dispensed and/or consumed outside in the open.  In some cases, requirements for a temporary beer garden may need to be met.

A catering permit is $20.00 a day and cannot exceed three (3) consecutive days.  The fee is paid at the time the permit is submitted to the Community Development Department for review and approval.
Review Process
When the completed permit has been submitted to the Community Development Department, the Business License office will forward the permit to the Police Department for review and approval.  If alcohol will be out in the open, the permit will also be reviewed by the Community Development Director, Building Official, Fire Department and in some cases, the Parks and Recreation Department for approval.  The permit is not final until all required approvals have been granted.  The Business License office will notify you when the catering permit is ready for pickup.