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Commercial Tree Pruner

Commercial Tree Pruner License

Purpose and Definition
The licensing of all commercial tree pruner’s within the City is necessary for the purpose of protecting the citizens and businesses of the City and public right-of-ways.

“Commercial tree pruner” means any person engaging in the commercial business, trade or for hire of cutting, trimming, pruning or removing trees located within the public right-of-way.

How to Apply

For Commercial Tree Pruners (if in a Commercial Location, you do not need to fill out the last page of the application for Home Based Businesses):
Commercial Tree Pruners Application

When adding an employee at a later date:
Individual Tree Pruners Application

Fee Schedule

In addition to the commercial tree pruner’s license and business license, a Tree Service/Tree Pruner License is required for each person performing this type of work in the City.  Applications must be reviewed and approved by the City Forester.  In some instances an exam may be required.  You may contact the Business License office at 208-746-7363 for further information.

Time Frame
The license application review takes approximately fifteen (15) working days from the time we receive the license application to the time you receive your license.  In some instances the time frame may be longer due to the insurance requirements and City Forester approval.

Insurance Required
You must provide to the City of Lewiston, a certificate of liability and property damage insurance executed by a surety authorized to contract business within the State of Idaho, in the minimum amount of $300,000 per occurrence for bodily injury and $100,000 per occurrence for property damage or $300,000 combined single occurrence for both bodily injury and property damage.