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Fireworks Stand

Fireworks Stand License
(License Term:  June 28 through July 5)

Purpose and Definition 
The licensing of all fireworks stands within the City is necessary for the purpose of protecting the citizens and businesses of the City.

“Safe and Sane Fireworks”, as defined in Idaho Code, Section 29-3610, may only be offered for sale.

Lewiston Fire Department Requirements
LFD Requirements Sheet
LFD Fireworks Permits, Sales and Use Sheet
NFPA44(A) Quantity-Distance Table Sheet

How To Apply 

Complete and return the following documents to the Business License Office:

        Application - each site
        Site Plan(s) – each site
        Bond or Certificate Insurance - $500,000 combined BI/PD
        License Fee – refer to the Business & Occupation Fee Schedule

Time Frame
A license review takes approximately fifteen (15) days from the time we receive the license application to the time you receive your license and permits.

Review Process
When the completed application has been received by the Business License Office, the application is sent to the Fire Department. The applicant must notify the Fire Department when the fireworks stand and storage sites are ready for inspection.  The Fire Inspector May be contacted at (208) 743-3554.

When all inspections and investigations of the stand and storage sites have been completed, the Fire Department will approve the permit and the Business License Office will issue a license.  Both the permit and license must be posted in a conspicuous place at the fireworks stand location.