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Taxicab Company

Taxicabs or Vehicle for Hire License

Purpose and Definition
The licensing of all taxicabs and vehicles for hire operating within the City is necessary for the purpose of protecting and providing services to the citizens and businesses of the City.

“Taxicab or vehicle fore hire” means any motor vehicle engaged in the business of carrying passengers for hire, having a seating capacity of not more than seven (7) people.

The taxicab company is required to obtain a business license.  A Certificate of Inspection is required for all taxicabs or vehicles for hire.

Taxicab Vehcile for Hire Licenses must be renewed annually.  Vehicle Inspections must be renewed semi-annually.

How to Apply

Driver Application
Vehcile Inspection Form
Rate Card

Time Frame

A license review takes approximately fifteen (15) working days from the time we receive the license application to the time you receive your license and the vehicle(s) certificate of inspection.  In some instances, the time frame may be longer due to delays in the applicant meeting the vehicle inspection and insurance requirements. 

If you want to add or replace a vehicle, you will only need to have the vehicle inspected and provide a completed vehicle inspection certification and proof of insurance to the Business License office.  A certificate of inspection may be issued for the vehicle the same day of submittal.

Vehicle Inspection Required 
Taxicab vehicles are required to be inspected prior to being offered for service to the public.  The vehicle may be inspected at the City of Lewiston Service Center (Fleet Maintenance) or at a private licensed automotive repair facility.  To schedule an appointment for city inspection, contact the City Service Center at 746-2623.  The city inspection fee is $30.00 per vehicle.  For vehicles that do not successfully pass the initial inspection, there will be a re-inspection fee of $10.00 for each additional inspection.  A completed inspection certification for each vehicle must accompany application for license.

Vehicle Insurance Required 
Each taxicab or vehicle for hire is required to be insured under a motor vehicle liability insurance policy, issued by an insurance carrier licensed to do business in the State of Idaho.  The insurance policy must be a minimum coverage of $300,000.00.  Proof of insurance must accompany the application for license.

Review Process 
When the completed application has been received by the Business License Office, copies are sent to the Fire Department, Building and Zoning Officials.

The Zoning Official reviews the application to determine if the business is allowed in the zone.  In some instances, a conditional use permit may be required; if so, approval of the conditional use is required by the Planning and Zoning Commission before a business license may be issued. All Business locations will be inspected for compliance with the laws of the State and the City.  Inspections may be conducted by the Building Division, Fire Department, City Sanitation and the North Central Health District Health Department.  The inspection will be arranged through the Building Division and will be scheduled at a time during the normal working day convenient to the applicant.  The Fire Department reviews the use and structure for fire and life safety requirements not covered in the Building Code, i.e., water supply, Fire Department access and fire extinguishers. The Building Official reviews the condition of the structure in relation to the request.  The Building Division inspectors review for compliance with adopted codes including electrical, mechanical and building codes.  The Building Division also reviews the structure for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The Health District and the Police Department may also review some applications. 

Following the inspections, you will be given a letter containing the inspector’s comments and a list of any corrections that may be required.  If corrections are necessary, we will give you a time in which to complete the work.  Some corrections may be required immediately; others may be completed within a short period of time.  During this period, the City, at its option, may issue a temporary or conditional business license so you can open for business.  If you do not complete the work within the time frame given, the City may revoke your business license.