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Development Management Goals

Development Management Goals

Program Goals:
• Emphasize customer service and satisfaction.
• Identify and remove barriers and advance community growth and economic development in Lewiston.

Individual Goals
• Seek 100 percent accuracy in plan reviews/code interpretations/inspections.
• Plan reviews shall be conducted in a timely manner.
• Work within established individual position duties and established areas of authority.
• Treat all customers fairly and consistently; no customer receives preferential treatment over another.

Team Goals:
• Work collaboratively at all levels to address development from a facilitative approach vs. a regulatory/bureaucratic approach.
• Seek out, identify and promote practical, alternative codes and applications tailored to Lewiston vs. black and white code interpretations and memorialize these decisions in code amendments, policy manuals and records open to the public.
• Advance and apply best management practices related to development management while tailoring programs to the unique circumstances of Lewiston.
• Advance and ensure effective communications related to reviews/permitting/inspections with the client and other departments.