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Waterfront Planning

Waterfront Planning Initiative

The City of Lewiston has been working to develop a long-range plan for development and redevelopment along the Snake River and the Clearwater River.  The Community Development Department has researched existing river-front related plans, conducted a walking survey and photo inventory along the rivers, conducted a community open house about the project, had a promotional and input booth at the LCBCA Home Show, and conducted a community survey.  The information collected from these efforts was compiled, organized and reported to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council at public meetings.  The riverfronts were divided in to seven planning areas, or sub-areas.  The information gathered was presented in terms of priorities in the following categories:

  • Land Use 
  • Transportation
  • Economic Development 
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Infrastructure
  • Natural Resources
  • Community Design 

City planners have begun drafting a new chapter for the City’s Comprehensive Plan to deal specifically with riverfront development and redevelopment, taking into consideration community priorities.  The Comprehensive Plan is the City’s long-range planning and development guide.  It lays the groundwork for zoning, subdivision of land, and Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council actions related to community development.

The overall premise and goal of this Waterfront Plan is as follows:

The City of Lewiston recognizes the value of the Clearwater and Snake Rivers as an asset to our community and desires to be the premier small-town waterfront city; to facilitate the enhancement of the waterfront as a recreational, social and economic activity center; to enhance the vitality of Beautiful Downtown Lewiston; to improve the natural and functional qualities of the rivers; to improve river and waterfront access; and to recognize and build upon the different characteristics, opportunities and constraints of the different areas along the waterfront.

This plan was presented as an amendment to the comprehensive plan at the January 13, 2010 Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing and continued to the March 17, 2010 meeting where the Commission voted unanimously to recomend approval of the draft to the City Council.  At the March 17, 2010 meeting the following renderings were presented.  This plan was adopted by the City Council on April 26, 2010.  These renderings are not planned projects, but rather architectural interpretations intended to help people visualize potential and to generate discussion.  
Waterfront Rendering Page 1
Waterfront Rendering Page 2

Help us plan the future of our riverfronts!  If you would like additional information about this project, please contact:

Joel Plaskon, Planner, (208) 746-1318 Ext. 7202.

The City of Lewiston, as an implementation piece of its award-winning 2010 Waterfront Plan, is seeking public participation and input on creating new zoning for the Downtown Waterfront Sub-area.  The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a meeting seeking input on the proposed zoning at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday August 27, 2014 on the second floor of the Community Development Department Offices at 215 “D” Street.  This proposal is an entirely new zoning concept for the City of Lewiston and is intended to create a vibrant, active, well designed, attractive, pedestrian friendly, mixed use area along our waterfront on the north side of Beautiful Downtown Lewiston.  Note that the proposed zoning is only intended for the area north of the bold red line on the map.  Please review the draft proposal and prepare to come to this important meeting with your questions and comments.  If you would like to ask questions or make comments prior to the meeting, please contact City Planner Joel D. Plaskon at (208) 746-1318, extension 7202 or .

Proposed Zoning
Proposed Zoning Map