Library Board of Trustees


Library Board of Trustee members serve as one of five representatives legally responsible for working together to oversee the effective and efficient operations of the Lewiston City Library, existing by virtue of the provisions of Title 33, Chapter 26 of the laws of the Idaho Code. The authority of the board is exercised at regular monthly meetings that comply with requirements set forth by Idaho Code Title 74, Ethics in Government, Open Meeting Act, and the Public Records Act. Trustees must be a resident of the city of Lewiston living within the city limits, be able to serve a five-year term, be able to attend monthly and special meetings, contribute five to eight hours a month on library business, prepare for monthly meetings by reading all provided documentation, and serve on any committees as assigned. Members of the Board of Trustees work closely with the Director, City of Lewiston Leaders, members of the Lewiston City Library Foundation, the Friends of the Library, and the Lewiston City Council. All members are appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Lewiston City Council.


Being a Library Board Trustee is one of the most important volunteer positions in the Library. Effective Trustees demonstrate a commitment to providing the best possible library service for the community. They know the political climate of the community and are willing to advocate for the Library as a center of information, culture, recreation, lifelong learning, and economic development. Effective Trustees exercise verbal and written communication skills, relate to the public, and represent the Library at public functions and meetings. And, most importantly, qualified Trustees are willing and able to devote time and effort to the duties of trusteeship as it is an honor and a responsibility. 


  • Possess a Lewiston City Library Card; 
  • Attend regularly scheduled and special board meetings; 
  • Attend library events and functions including those of the Friends of the Library and Lewiston City Library Foundation
  • Establish policies and long-term strategic goals and objectives for the Library; 
  • Promote the mission of the Library by relating the Library and its programs to the community and its needs, through ongoing discovery and analysis of the community and library services; 
  • Review Board of Trustees Bylaws and library policies on a regular basis; 
  • Develop an understanding of local, state, and national laws which affect libraries in order to engage in advocacy through initiation and support of beneficial library legislation; 
  • Participate in training on the Library including its functions, roles and responsibilities, funding and budget, ethics and government, and best practices; 
  • Serve as an officer of the Board as described in the established Board of Trustee Bylaws
  • Hire, regularly evaluate the performance of, and set goals for the Library Director who is responsible for the daily operation of the Library; 
  • Follow the established chain of command for effecting change; 
  • Work with the Library Director to develop an annual budget adequate to support the Library’s goals and objectives, within limitations of the state law; 
  • Maintain a clear picture of the Library’s financial situation while representing the Library at local budget hearings, requesting funding from outside sources when appropriate, and regularly reviewing financial reports of income and expenses; 
  • Support basic library tenets including Intellectual Freedom, Freedom to Read, Confidentiality of Patron Records, Library Bill of Rights, and the Public’s Right to Information; 
  • Abide by majority decisions reached by the Board and publicly support these decisions. 
  • Keep current on library trends and practices through reading the literature, attending professional meetings, visiting other libraries, and networking with trustees from other libraries. 


  • Held at 5:00 p.m., every third Wednesday of the month, at the Lewiston City Library, 411 D Street, Lewiston, Idaho 83501.

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