Building Services

Online Permit Portal Now Available

Access the portal. The portal will guide you through the permitting process and submittal!

Building Services Goals

Welcome to the City of Lewiston’s Building Services webpage. We are committed to the growth and improvement of the City of Lewiston while encouraging the safety, welfare, and health of the Lewiston community. The building service team’s goal is to provide courteous, timely and informative services throughout your building experience.
Building services are responsible for the implementation and administration of City, State, and International codes. View our current building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical adopted codes for clarification on appropriate building standards.

Exceptional Building Experience

To ensure your building experience is an exceptional one we encourage open communication in regards to your project. We hope to provide a one-stop-shop for your permit process, which includes accepting, reviewing and approving your permit application and construction documents.


If you are not sure what permits you will need for your project, you can view a list of permits you may need. We also are available to discuss your project via phone, email or you are welcome to come to the office to determine if a permit or a plan review is required. The permit review is the process where multiple departments review construction plans for compliance with all applicable codes and standards. You can view our permit review schedule for how long a review may take for residential and commercial permits. 


Our fees are reviewed on a yearly basis, you can request a fee schedule and user-friendly fee calculator spreadsheets by contacting building services.

Safety, Welfare, Health & Code Compliance

To ensure the safety, welfare, health and code compliance for the City of Lewiston; we offer building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical inspections as part of your issued permit. Once your project has been completed a final inspection will be done by all inspectors included in the project. Once all inspectors have approved your project, a certificate or letter of completion will be issued to you. Our building inspectors are also available to answer building code and inspection requirement questions.

Code Board of Appeals

The City of Lewiston does have a Code Board of Appeals available to the public. The Code Board of Appeals hears and decides appeals of orders, determinations or decisions made by the Building Official/Fire Marshal relative to the application and interpretation of the International Building Code/International Fire Code.

Easy Review & Permitting Process

We encourage and strive for an easy review and permitting process. To encourage this, we ask that you use our permit portal for your project. Our permit portal will provide you with a list of required documents and fillable forms that will encourage a smoother and accurate review process. We thank you for your interest in the improvement of our community.