Parks & Facilities

Crabapple TreeCreating Community through Programs, Parks & Facilities

Lewiston Parks and Recreation manages more than 400 acres and 25 properties of parks and open space including:

  • Community parks
  • Levy fronts
  • Neighborhood parks
  • Regional parks
  • Sports parks

To learn more about a particular park or trail visit the park list page. You can also see a park map at our Geographic Information Services (GIS) webpage.


The City of Lewiston operates 23 parks on approximately 200 acres of developed land. This includes:

  • 2 pools
  • 4 picnic shelters
  • 7 play structures
  • 11 baseball, softball, and little league fields
  • Fenton Gymnasium
  • Many miles of walking paths
  • Pickleball courts

Lewiston’s mild climate and ample facilities enable outdoor recreation almost year-round!