Urban Forestry

Trees on 8th Street - Photo Credit: P. Shinn

Enhancing the Quality of our Urban Environment through the Cultivation of Healthy Trees


The Urban Forestry Program is responsible for the care and maintenance of over 3,000 trees in our public parks and on municipal properties throughout the City. We also strive to inform the general public of proper tree care practices by conducting educational programs and consulting with private citizens on certain tree-related issues.


A permit is necessary to plant, prune, or remove a tree in the City right-of-way. These permits are free and they help maintain an inventory of public trees. Please contact the Urban Forester to obtain a permit before you start work. For more information regarding the care of street trees, please consult Chapter 26 article 4 of Lewiston’s City Code. You can also view our Tree Selection Guide to find out about our recommended trees for general planting as well as preferred street trees.


We encourage you to enjoy the many benefits that trees provide including shade, improved aesthetics, wildlife habitat, and clean air. Our many parks showcase a broad range of tree species that provide beauty to our public spaces. To learn more about how trees help make our city more livable, please contact our department of Urban Forestry or visit the TreePeople website.

Legacy Tree Program

The Urban Forestry program has created an opportunity for community members to have trees planted within our park system, that program is called the Legacy Tree Program. If you are interested in planting a tree for a loved one or dedicating an existing tree, please call the Parks and Recreation Department at 208-746-2313 to make arrangements.