Lewiston Police Department



Protecting & Serving Since 1861

A Message From the Lewiston Police Department

Welcome to the Lewiston Police Department’s page where you can learn about the many programs and services that we offer residents and visitors. The site is user-friendly, convenient, and contains a wealth of information. The Lewiston Police Department continues to seek new methods to communicate with the citizens and visitors of our community.

Your Police Department has engaged in a strategic planning process with each member having the opportunity to provide input for the future. This process was focused on identifying, prioritizing and implementing plans to improve productivity, increase community involvement and enhance the quality of life and the safety of the citizens and visitors of the City of Lewiston.

Your Police Department is committed to its Vision of maintaining a safe community, through trust, by providing equitable and professional service. This will be achieved with each member demonstrating and living by its identified core values which are:

  • P: Professionalism
  • I: Integrity
  • L: Leadership
  • L: Loyalty
  • A: Accountability
  • R: Responsiveness
  • S: Service

Honoring our community and safeguarding our future.

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