Transportation Plan

The 2020 Transportation Plan will help guide improvements in Lewiston’s transportation system for the next 20 years by establishing goals and objectives, consolidating projects from other existing transportation plans and studies conducted over the past decade, and identifying new projects based on analysis of existing conditions. 

Three important elements make up the plan and assist in implementation: 

  1. Project Prioritization Criteria (PPC)
    The PPC allows for projects to be prioritized using a transparent process that includes scoring of both quantitative and qualitative criteria. Criteria has been developed based on past public input on transportation in Lewiston and work with community stakeholders.
  2. Transportation Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)
    The CIP applies the PPC process to rank and phase projects, with annual updates to ensure the project list is current, adaptive, and effective. The CIP replaces the Lewiston Transportation Improvement Plan (LTIP) with a prioritized list of projects. Similar to the LTIP, the CIP is updated annually and requires adoption by the Lewiston City Council. It also includes all projects that have been previously planned; however, no timeline is attached to implementation, as this is dependent on available funding. 
  3. Public Participation Guide (PPG)
    The PPG defines how members of the public will be involved in shaping the CIP annually. This guide outlines how the City will engage the public and how input will be incorporated. 

Ways to Submit Input on the Transportation CIP

The annual public comment period for the Transportation CIP opens January 15, 2021, and closes February 16, 2021 at 12:00 p.m.
  • Submit your comments via this online form.
  • Email a completed form (PDF).
  • Bring a printed form (PDF) to the Public Works Office, located at 215 D Street, Suite B. A secure drop box is located on the north side of the building next to the public transit vehicle parking lot.
  • Mail a printed form (PDF) to: City of Lewiston Public Works P.O. Box 617 Lewiston, ID 83501.